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Corporate Housing Solutions

A division of TRI Commercial

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San Francisco is one of the most desired locations for many small and medium businesses, start-ups, tech companies, and large corporations. Latitude 38 Housing Services specializes in meeting the housing needs of all types of corporate clients by providing flexible terms and a variety of alternatives:


  • From affordable hotels to luxury apartments

  • From individual bookings to large groups

  • From 1 month to 1 year

  • From student and intern to executive housing

Who are our corporate clients?
Interns, tech people, job-seekers, young entrepreneurs, professionals on short and long term contracts, start-ups and incubators, sports teams, medium and large companies.

What do we do for companies?

  • We locate and organize housing for your employees according to your needs and budget.

  • We strive to place them 20 minutes walking distance from your company or at locations easily accessible by transportation.

  • We manage the full spectrum of services from administration to coordinating with your company, helping with rental applications and finalizing placement.

  • We create a flexible and ongoing plan to allow your employees to enter and relocate regardless of the time of the year.


For corporate inquirees and group bookings contact:


Tony Brettkelly




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