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Can I share a room with a roommate?

Yes, most of our rooms could be for double occupancy. Some rooms are set up with bunk beds, others with two two separate beds or one doublw bed. We do have some triple and quad rooms, as well as studios and apartments that accommodate more than 2-4 people.


I already have a roommate. How do we book a room?

Both of you will need to sign the lease and will be equally responsible for the monthly rent payments. You will need to let us know in advance whether you prefer a room with two separate beds, bunk beds or one double bed. 


I don't have a roommate but want to share a room. Can I book a bed?

Yes but only in certain locations - you will see that some f the property pages on the website have a price per bed - these are the ones you should look at.  


I have problems with my roommate. Who should I talk to?

If you have any issues with your roommate(s), you need to inform us asap. We will work together with the building management to resolve the issue and possibly move you to another room.

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