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FAQ's - Reservations, Payment and Deposits

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I am not a student. Can I still book a room?

Yes, of course. Our rooms are not exclusively for students. We have many interns, young professionals, enterpreneurs, artists and people on short-term contracts staying with us.


Can I book in advance and how do I secure a room/bed?

Yes, you can book a room in advance and move-in directly at arrival. It is very simple - you need to sign a lease and pay a deposit and your room will be secured and ready for you to move-in.


How do I pay security deposit and rent? Do I get the deposit back?

The deposit is paid in advance per PayPal or with cashiers check. It is refundable at the end of the lease period if there are no damages to the room. First month rent is paid at check-in, then before the 1st of each month.


What is the minimum lease?

The minimum lease is 3 months but there are properties that require a minimum of 6 or 9 months lease. Shorter term leases are also possible in some cases but short term rates are usually higher.

Do you rent on a weekly or daily basis?

No, we only rent on a monthly basis.


Are there any other fees I should consider?

There are no other fees. We are trying to keep it simple for you so the monthly rent is the totl you will be paying per month.  There are no application fees and almost all our properties include utilities and wi-fi in the monthly rent. If there is an exception, we will let you know when quoting the price.


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