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Top 10 Things To Do in SF for the Forever Young (in no particular order)

1. Wait in line (forever) at Mama's in North Beach. Its worth it, I promise. (hint: best to go on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning. Way less of a line, or better yet, none at all).

2. Coit Tower. After you have stuffed yourself silly at Mama's, go walk/hike/run it off!

3. Take a trolley ride. Now, you may be asking WHY? They are busy and full of tourists. Just remember... its all about the experience. (this ride can put you in some of the best spots in the city too. especially for views)

4. Haight. GO. Go see, smell, and best of all... watch. Its sure to take at least half of your day. There are great brunch spots too: Cha Cha Cha, Pork Store, Squat and Gobble.

5. Golden Gate Park - not only is it the biggest park in the country, but there are lots of things to do there. The Academy of Sciences ( who has a happy hour on Thursdays), the DeYoung Museum, Japanese Tea Gardens, a field of buffalo, great running/biking paths, and when you have walked/ran/biked all the way through, you end up at Beach Chalet. One of San Francisco's historic restaurants and brew houses.

6. Presidio and Golden Gate Bridge. I know, sounds so cliché, but it's pretty amazing. Take a bike/run/walk across. The view of the city from the other side is to die for. Then head back down through the Presidio, there are some things to look at but the real reason is that it will take you to Crissy Fields. An awesome place for a picnic, sights ect. There are also a few cool places to check out there ie: The House of Air, a giant house full of trampolines. And, a climbing gym called Planet Granite where you can scale indoor mountains.

7. Ferry Building/Embarcadero - Go see the bush man. Walk the farmers market and pick up fresh ingredients for your next meal. Grab a ferry to Sausalito or Tiburon for the afternoon. A true San Francisco experience.

8. See a Baseball game. If your not a sports fan, see one anyways. They are fun, so fun! With two professional teams in the same city, you can pass it up. ATT Park, Candlestick Park. Oracle Arena, or even the HP pavilion. (there are also amazing concerts at these venues)

9. Booty SF. I know what youre thinking, but really... its the best place for night filled with dancing. A lot of dancing.

10. Last, but certainly not least, is a shopping experience. Whether it is downtown at Westfield mall, or in one of the many booming districts (check out Union St, Chestnut St, Fillmore, and Sacramento in Marina and Fillmore districts) you are sure to find all you ever wanted.These are just a FEW of our favorite things...

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