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Co-Living = Cool Living

Why would I pay a lot of money to stay in a tiny palce or share a room? - Because San Francisco is totally worth it!

We all know about the recent 'tech boom' and we all know how hard it can be to find (and keep) a place to call home. With rising costs in rent and no sign of them going back down, the idea of co-living is coming back with a vengeance! This is a great option for those single 20&30 somethings who are young professionals, students, or people just chasing their dreams in San Francisco. Benefits are a family community, cooking meals together, making new friends, you name it, co-livings got it!

We are happy to provide quite a few of these spaces to live in the heart of San Francisco and happy that others are going back to this way of living.

By Aspen Crawford

#sanfranciscocoliving #roomsharing #roomsforrent

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